Short butchering guide


Butchering is a gathering profession in WARHAMMER: Return of Reckoning. It is used to support the crafting profession of Alchemy in the creation of potions.

Learning the skill can be done at the capital city of your realm or at the Chapter 2 camps of the starting zones by talking to the trainer.


Apothecary materials can be otained from killing nonhumanoid creatures throughout the world, looting whatever items it drops in order to clear the corpse, and then butchering it by right-clicking on its corpse. The butcher's knife will always appear when you hover over a creature's corpse that is ready to be butchered.

Below is a condensed list of what sorts of material each creature type can be butchered for.
Go here for a complete list of ingredients and creature locations mapped so far.

Type Effect Creature
Main ingredient Armor potionArmor ScalesLizards, Scorpions & Wyverns
Main ingredient Ballistic skill potionBallistic skill FeathersEagles, Griffons & Vulturs
Main ingredient Corporeal Resistance potionCorporeal Resistance FeathersCockatrices
Main ingredient Elemental Resistance potionElemental Resistance Daemon FleshDaemons
Main ingredient Energy potionEnergy FangsManticores
Main ingredient Fiery potionFiery TonguesLizards
Main ingredient Healing potionHealing IchorScorpions, Spiders & BloodWyverns
Main ingredient Intelligence potionIntelligence HornsUnicorns
Ingredient Multiplier BitsSquigs
Main ingredient Restoration potionRestoration Humor BloodMost mammals, Eagles & Vultures
Main ingredient Shield potionShield WingsBats
Main ingredient Slow PotionSlow SpittleRats
Ingredient Stabilizer GoreMost creatures
Main ingredient Strength potionStrength TeethBears & TeethFelines
Ingredient Super-critical BileBoars
Main ingredient Thorny potionThorny ClawsGriffons & VinesDaemonvines
Main ingredient Toughness potionToughness VenomScorpions & Spiders
Main ingredient Willpower potionWillpower TeethFelines & Wolves

The level of ingredient is dependant on the level of the creature that is butcherd.
Below is a table showing this correspondence.

Creature Ingredient
1 → 4 1
5 → 9 25
10 → 14 50
15 → 19 75
20 → 24 100
25 → 29 125
30 → 34 150
35 → 39 175
40+ 200

Bag space

In the backpack there is a crafting storage designated for all crafting ingedients.

At the start, only one bag slot will be unlocked. More back spaces are unlocked for every 100 levels in each profession, in other words, once both professions are maxed, a total of 5 crafting bag spaces will be unlocked.

Once this space is filled, additional materials will go in the main backpack.


In order to level up the butchering skill, level approprite creature must be butchered. The easiest way to have consistant leveling in butchering, is killing creatures of your butchering level divided by 5. For example, if your butchering level is 75, killing and butchering creatures of level 15+ will help towards leveling the skill.