• I have combined the Order and Destruction maps into one map for each zone. Drops appear on the same map for both realms now.
  • Red pins indicate monsters that can only be butchered by Destruction.
  • Blue pins indicate monsters that can only be butchered by Order.
  • Green pins indicate monsters that can be butchered by both realms.
  • Praag completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Will start working on West Praag next.
  • Isle of the Dead completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Will start working on Praag next.
  • Dragonwake completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Added completion status icon to indicate if a zone's data gathering is complete, instead of having a long list of zones that are completed
    Work in progress = data gathering in progress, Completed = completed
  • Will start working on Isle of the Dead next.
  • Cinderfall completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Will start working on Dragonwake next.
  • Map will now pan to reveal the entire tooltip if the tooltip is being cut off by the edge of the map.
  • Death Peak completed for Order and Destruction.
  • While completing Thunder Mountain, I started adding comments to certain locations, like inside caves. These comments will appear on tooltips.
  • Thunder Mountain completed for Order.
  • Thunder Mountain completed for Destruction.
  • Started Thunder Mountain.
  • Caledor completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Added a short butchering guide.
  • Will start T4 midzones shortly.
  • Caledor completed for Destruction.
  • Updated some map images that didn't have the areas discovered for some zones.
  • Eataine completed for Order and Destruction.
  • One endzone left to do: Caledor!
  • South side of Eataine completed for Destro.
  • Black Crag completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Starting Eataine next.
  • West side of Black Crag complete.
  • Reikland completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Started Black Crag.
  • Updated the front page with some info about this website.
  • Started working on the East side of Reikland.
  • Chaos Wastes completed for Order and Destruction.
  • Cleaned landing page.
  • Added the creature name on the map tooltips, when hovering over a marker.
  • Kadrin Valley for Order complete.
  • Started Chaos Wastes for Order.
  • Kadrin Valley for Destro complete.
  • Added some Order drop locations in Kadrin Valley to test the maps for Order. Some of the mobs in the world are not hostile depending on what realm you are playing. This is why I decided to have two maps for the same zone: one for Order and one for Destruction.
  • I have updated the ingredients list to have a link to the map for each realm.
  • I think I have reached the point where the sytems needed to support the map generation and ingredients list generation are complete. I will now focus on collecting data to feed the database, and enabling maps.
  • Added buttons for ingredient levels in order to be able to have multiple item levels on the same map. For example, selecting the 175 button on the right side of the map will show only level 175 ingredients on the left side. Added a few 175 ingredients to Kadrin Valley to test this out.
  • Added butchering ingredients list for level 200 materials. This is by no means complete. It updates as I add more drop locations. The list is sortable by clicking on the header of the column.
  • On the ingredients list page, clicking the zone bring up the map page.
  • Added a few more drops for Reikland - destro.
  • Moved the map to its own page.
  • Added map for Reikland - will start adding locations.
  • Landing page cleared.
  • Cleared the map page to only contain the map.
  • Moved the buttons on the map itself.
  • Will add a seperate page with all the ingredients and corresponding pots in the future.
  • Will start adding more maps shortly. The main page only contains the KV map for destro. Eventually, will have several pages with each its own map for each realm.
  • For feedback you can send me a private message on reddit here: seb86.
  • Changed pins on the map to universal pin instead of the icon of the ingredient.
  • When hovering over pins, a tooltip will display coordinates.
  • Added a few more locations for Firebreath Scales in KV.
  • Map is now bound to the box; cannot pan outside the map edge.
  • Added button to recenter map and reset zoom.
  • Potion type for corresponding ingredient will not show on mobile.
  • Moved from Google Sheets to mySQL for storing data used in maps.
  • Worked on mobile friendliness (responsive).